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Contemporary/ Jazz Technique

Isa Ramirez

Favorite dance style: Contemporary/ Jazz

Why I teach: I love watching artists grow in their passion and being able to inspire and guide them through the process.

One word to describe my class: Welcoming


Int/ Adv Hip Hop

Angel 'Staccato' Guzman

*in deep thought*



Atelah Meranth

Favorite Dance Style: Hip Hop

Why I Teach: I love making a positive impact on dancers and helping them to feel confident in their movement.

One Word to Describe My Class: Nostalgic


Beginner Latin Rhythms

Diana Follegati

Favorite Dance Style: 

Why I Teach: 

One Word too Describe My Class: 



Kevin Bradshaw

Favorite Dance Style: Hip Hop

Why I Teach: I teach because I want to share my God given gift with other people and build confidence within them while giving dancers elite training.

One Word to Describe My Class: Fierce


Adv. Hip Hop Choreo

Jireh Alverio

Favorite Dance Style: Hip Hop

Why I Teach: To provide a safe and positive environment to the dance community.

One Word to Describe My class: Refuge



Amal Bryson

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Why I teach: I teach to provide knowledge first, but also to provide space for individuals to tell their stories.

One word to describe my class: Release


Caribbean Fusion

Luz Linares

Favorite Dance Style: Dancehall/ Afro

Why I Teach: To see all my students come alive and realize their capability, its just so beautiful! That's why I do what I do.

One Word to Describe My Class: Release

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 11.48.36 PM.png


Gle'nisha Lewter

Favorite Dance Style: Twerk

What I Teach: 

One Word to Describe My Class: 


Beginner Heels

Breanna McKnight

Favorite Dance Style: Broadway/ Contemporary

Why I Teach:  I teach because I love the energy and the love that is poured out on the dance floor. It brings so many diverse people together and makes people feel good, confident and sexy and who doesn’t want to feel like that? 

One Word to Describe My Class: Electric


Beginner Hip Hop

Stephanie Arborn

*in deep thought


Adv. Hip Hop Choreo

Salvador Velazquez

Favorite Dance Style: Hip Hop

Why I Teach: I teach to help dancers explore themselves and find their own style. I love to share what I absorb from the classes I take.

One Word to Describe My Class: Flowy

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